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Blue and White Oriental Porcelain: A Guide to Changes and Styles (11/11/09)
A stoneware water pot with underglaze blue splashes, Tang Dynasty (618-907). “Of a strong build, suitable for export and of good material, with a … More >>

Removing Mold from Art & Antiques a Job for Restoration Professional (11/5/09)
Some molds can be toxic, so it is important to wear the appropriate protection, including gloves and a proper respirator or dust mask.The rash of devastating hurricanes in the southeast United States over the last few years has created a potentially dangerous … More >>

Wonderful Wind-up Toys: Wheels, Cogs and Springs Combine to Thrill Children (11/4/09)
A German-made Guntherman "Blue Bird" Land Speed Car in good working order. This tin lithographed wind-up car is 20 inches long and features sporty Art Deco detailing. Circa 1930.In this world of computer technology and artificial intelligence, wind-up toys of the past seem that much more amazing. For more … More >>

Hungary for Herend Classical China? Pristine Porcelain is Nation’s Pride (11/3/09)
A Herend Rothschild large bird teapot, featuring two different bird motifs (there are 12 Rothschild Oiseaux motifs) and scattered butterflies, circa 1915-1930.The Herend Manufactory (as it call itself) has a long and exalted history in Hungary—its country of origin—with its reputation … More >>

Collector’s Minute: An Art and Architecture Glossary (10/13/09)
Abstract Expressionism: "Woman V," by Willem de KooningArt and architecture, like all other fields of interest, have interesting words and terms. Here is a quick guide to … More >>

Anatomy of an Auction – The Auctioneer’s Percentage (10/13/09)
gavelQUESTION: If I sell some of my collectibles at auction, what percentage should I expect to pay an auctioneer? – … More >>

Know Your America: Geography through Souvenir Pottery, Plates and the Rest (10/8/09)
An example of a Rowland & Marsellus Co. Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition commemorative blue transferware plate, ca. 1909. The exposition was held in Seattle in 1909 and the face decoration depicts various Seattle and area landmarks. From lovely plates and delicate pitchers to decorative trinket boxes and figural animals, souvenir pottery was proudly displayed in American … More >>

Living with Country Antiques: Fixing a Table with a Sticky Top (9/29/09)
When trying to clean a country farm table, if simple soap and warm water doesn’t work, don’t despair, there are other options.I received a letter from a reader, asking about a country farm table with a particular problem: “We found it at … More >>

Anatomy of an Auction: What Is a ‘Cut’ Bid? (9/15/09)
Anatomy of an AuctionQUESTION: What is the universal signal from bidder to auctioneer   means  that “cut your opening dollar amount in half?” I thought … More >>

Eltham Palace Is Really an Art Deco Dream Palace (9/15/09)
It may not look like it from the outside, but Eltham Palace is an Art Deco fanThe 1930s are remembered by many people as a time of poverty and high unemployment. The economic difficulties of that … More >>

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