CHUCK MILLER Vim Vam Vamoose 35-cut GVC CD 1950s

GVC Music (UK) presents "Chuck Miller: Vim Vam Vamoose," a compilation of vintage piano boogie hits, including...
1. Hopahula Boogie
2. Idaho Red
3. The House of Blue Lights
4. Can't Help Wonderin'
5. Hawk-Eye
6. Something to Live For
7. Lookout Mountain
8. Boogie Blues
9. Bright Red Convertible
10. Baltimore Jones
11. Cool It Baby!
12. Vin Vam Vamoose
13. The Auctioneer
14. Baby Doll
15. Miller's Boogie
16. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
17. Cow Cow Boogie
18. Re-Enlistment Blues
19. September in the Rain
20. Chuck's Boogie
21. Good Mornin' Darlin' (it's Time to Say Goodnight)
22. Bye Bye Love
23. Rang Tang Ding Dong (The Japanese Sandman)
24. Plaything
25. After Yesterday
26. Down the Road A-Piece
27. Mad About Her Blues
28. G.I. Jive
29. Shoo Shoo Baby
30. Heart and Soul
31. Swingin' on a Star
32. How Many Hearts Have You Broken?
33. Five Minutes More
34. Saturday Night Fish Fry
35. Up a Lazy River

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