My family and I spent a full week ripping up the waves on our Morey Mach 9TR's at Virginia Beach. They really are great boards. We had way more control with these boards than the cheaper ones we bought last year on the boardwalk for more than they were worth. My daughter was simply happy to be able to turn left and right in the waves. My son and I were able to learn a few tricks like forward spins, and riding tubes and curls. I even attempted a few barrel rolls (I didn't land any, but it was fun to try). They had enough float to allow us to paddle out through the breakers to get out to the bigger waves, and we were able to duck dive under the oncoming waves. (My wife was simply happy to watch us from the hot sandy beach) No, you don't have to do any of those things on these boards, but if you want to, they are capable of it.

We also went to Misquamicut Beach in RI for a weekend with our Morey Mach 9TR's. The waves w huge and very powerful due to the leftover storm surge and high winds. We saw at least a dozen broken bodyboards on the beach, including two that our friends brought. Our 4 Morey Mach 9TR's were ridden almost all day long and passed around to varoius friends and relatives to try out, most of whom had never tried one. The boards sustained no damage, and those who tried them fell in
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