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Negotiating for Leftover Items at Estate Sales And House Sales Can Produce True Treasures (5/21/08)
What’s your next move if there are items you want to buy at a house or garage sale, but prices are firm and more than you want to pay? Do you walk away in search of greener pastures? Absolutely not. You make a lower offer and see if it’s accepted. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone might say “no”? More >>

Antique Furniture Part II – Arts And Crafts Furniture and Modern Design Furniture (5/15/08)
Eames ChairYesterday, I shared about European and Early American chairs, but if I was starting to take an interest in furniture today, it would be in the Arts and Crafts Furniture and the Modern Design pieces. This is where the trend is, and that is where we want to be. More >>

Collectible Furniture (5/13/08)
American country bamboo Windsor arm chair c1800. Offered at One of A Kind Antiques for $385 I have intentionally not written on furniture, because my general rule is that if it is larger than a bread box it is to large for me. You see at 66, I don’t think that I still have the desire to break my back hauling large pieces of furniture. However this isn’t fair to you, if you’re interested in furniture, and so because of this, I’ll do a series on furniture anyway. More >>

Civil War Collectibles Part II (5/12/08)
Yesterday I was in Gettysburg, and looking at all the examples of the best of the Civil War memorabilia made me thirsty to get back in the antique treasure hunting race. Taking a little time off made my competitive passions even greater and truly opened my eyes. More >>

Civil War Collectibles (5/10/08)
Very Rare Kentucky OfficerIt’s been a fabulous few days in Baltimore. We visited three ships and a submarine in the harbor. But, the highlight of the day was when a Mexican sailing ship pulled into dock with all the sailors in their white military uniforms. The officers had chests full of medals and you could see their national pride. More >>

Catch Daryle Lambert on BlogTalk Radio May 12 (5/8/08)
I’ve been invited to do the Auctionwally BlogTalkRadio program on Monday, May 12th at 8PM EST. Auctionwally, a.k.a. Walt Kolenda, will interview me, and some of you will hear the many stories you’ve sent in to me and spoken to me about over the phone told to an Internet audience. What an exciting time this is in the life of the 31 Club. More >>

Traveling Free with Antiques And Collectibles (5/8/08)
I traveled to Baltimore yesterday so my wife, Vickie, could attend a business conference, and Joshua and I could visit with my other son, Lawson. In past years, I went out to look for treasures as she participated in the scheduled events and classes. This year started out different, however. More >>

Walrath Art Pottery and the Pottery Market (5/6/08)
Example of Walrath Pottery valued in the thousands of dollars. This past weekend, I saw Rosville and Weller pottery well overpriced at an estate sale and wondered how anyone could turn a profit if they purchased these pieces at those prices. This is not the first sale I’ve seen this. In fact, this seems to be the norm today, and the reason why so many dealers are having a hard time selling their inventory. More >>

Antique Garden Furnishings: Urns, Figures, Benches, Hitchposts, Fountains, Sundials (5/3/08)
Antique Garden Furnishings: Pair of Lead Figures of Pan, the Greek God of the Woods, offered for $8,500 at Who would have ever thought to check the backyard before going into the house at an estate sale? More >>

Antiquing Adventures: McCoy Pottery Teaches the Value of Showing Up (4/28/08)
Vintage McCoy Pottery Vase with Leaves recently sold on eBay for $43.99. There were 7 bids. Vintage McCoy Pottery Vase with Leaves recently sold on eBay for $43.99. There were 7 bids. It does my heart good when I see something I have taught come true with my own eyes. In this case, finding treasure where other people dare not to trod makes a great subject for today’s blog. More >>

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