Country Girl" by SIGNED Charles Banks Wilson

Presented for sale: "Country girl" lithograph ed. 200 by Charles Banks Wilson, 1992. This is an original lithograph signed by Charles Banks Wilson.

Provenance: original receipt of purchase from Mr. Wilson

Dimensions: 16 3/4 by 10 inches

Charles Banks Wilson's life and art is a legacy of Native American and western traditions beautifully crafted in his paintings, prints and hand-pulled lithographs of American Indians, horses, western characters and landscapes. He was known as "Oklahoma's Old Master" in recognition of his inspiration and ability to capture the people of Oklahoma on canvas.

"When I painted those Indians in the 1930s, all they cared about was, 'Does it look like me?' That made me a portrait painter," Wilson said. "If I don't get it right, it's because I don't become that person."

His went on to create a series of 150 portrait drawings of full-blood members of every American Indian tribe in Oklahoma. These were exhibited and published as "Search for Purebloods."

Over the course of his life, Wilson created thousands of paintings, lithograph prints and pencil drawings. His art has been shown in major museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., and the Library of Congress. His portrait of Will Rogers presides in the
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