Antique Chinese Spear Polearm Halberd

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  • Sold Date: Jul 01, 2009
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we are auctioning a stunning Antique Chinese forged steel polearm lance. Forged in traditional military fashion, displaying the signature chinese hexagon-type hammer work on the collar (neck) of polearm. This is no modern repro-junk from China. It is guaranteed to be over 100 years old minimum. Part of a set of 18 Chinese polearms that I am partially liquidating (10 pieces sold already). Dont wait.

This lance head is solid, and the main section from the collar to the wavy (flame type) spear point is one solid piece of steel. Embracing this central blade is an unusual Brass Bagua ( Eight Trigrams ) Box. This box features a central hammered Yin Yang motif encircled by the 8 trigram motifs. This brass octagonal decorative box also houses the base of two curved spikes that were attached to the central blade. Unfortunately over time these side blades have become loose . They do not come out, but wiggle around, since the pins that attached the side spikes apparently have come off. So please be aware that this lance is solid and intact EXCEPT for the two side blades which wiggle. I did not want to open the brass enclosure to try to reattach the side blades in case it was hard to reseal the box. Perhaps a more advanced metal worker could achieve this.

This lance is a stunning 35 inches in length, and the collar / neck is almost 1.5 inches in diameter. Note picture with 12inch ruler alongside weapon. Beautiful design and aged patina. No pole included, but could be attached on ones own easily.

Exceptional Chinese polearms are hard to come by, disregarding the distasteful repro-junk flooding out of China. This authentic piece came from an arms dealer in England.

This piece is ideal for a Teacher of Chinese Kung Fu, or a practitioner who wishes to enhance his historical collection, or as a gift to ones Sifu.

Monk spade, half moon spear, hook spear, and wavy spear without brass box, not included in this auction . Visual props only. Some will be listed seperately soon.

* READ CAREFULLY . Items sold as is. No returns . Polearm with brass box for sale only. Please ask any and all questions regarding polearm before you commit to buy. Once committing to buy, we will accept no returns.

Please keep an eye on our other Indo Persian / Asian Arms auctions and lots coming up this week.

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